Doris Rabe

My name is Doris Rabe. I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist and Dietary Coach.

Many years ago, my own deteriorating health forced me to rethink life and find better ways to regain control over my health. The subsequent impact of dietary changes on my health, energy levels, mood and outlook was life-changing. I returned to college to study nutrition at The Institute of Health Sciences in Dublin (, and now run my own practice advising people on a 1-to-1 basis.

I am experienced in cooking for food intolerances and giving cookery demonstrations. I always had a keen interest in the life-enhancing benefits of healthy eating, and continue to explore new recipes and cooking techniques to share with my clients. As a professional member of the Coeliac Society of Ireland I am always well informed about latest research which helps me to improve the quality of life of those on gluten-free diets.

I have a passion to help people avoid ill-health and deal with various health challenges on their path to better health. Some of the areas I have a particular interest in include digestive issues, diabetes, and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, psoriasis, sinusitis and other chronic health problems. I also offer dietary advice and support for those affected by cancer during and after treatment.

Life is for living and we all should be able to enjoy it.