Baby Massage One 2 One Classes


Bonding with Baby
Help give your baby the best start in life with
Baby Massage

Why learn to massage your baby?

  • Aids Colic relief
  • Wind & constipation relief
  • Improves baby’s sleeping patterns
  • Helps with post Natal Depression
  • Stimulates weight gain & growth in premature infants
  • Nurtures bonding between parent & baby
  • Instils confidence in parents & baby
  • Relaxes both parent & baby
  • Aids Digestion
  • Stimulates circulation Improves skin condition
  • Increases muscle tone

Above all, massaging your baby is fun!

The classes combine learning to massage your baby in a relaxing environment.

Group classes are also available by contacting Jay on 0863936890 . Includes refreshments, giving you a chance to meet with other Mums and make new friends.

Provider: Jay Kelly