Biodynamic Massage



The term biodynamic refers to our life force that moves us and brings us to life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.The founder of this work was Gerda Boyesen. She was a Clinical Psychologist who established and developed the body of knowledge known as Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy over 50 years agoBiodynamic Massage works with the energy or life force of the body which has its own ability to heal

Headache, back pain, anxiety, insomnia, tension, stress and many other symptoms can be helped with regular massage as trapped energy and toxic waste is released from the body

Gerda Boyesen developed the theory that the gut has a dual function, to digest food and also emotional content. She came to the conclusion that certain massage techniques could bring to completion the expression of unwanted feelings, and this release of emotional charge would entail similar noises from the gut as during digestion of food. Boyesen called these noises psychoperistalsis.

“I benefit from biodynamic massage. I feel very relaxed and soothed afterwards and haven’t as much pain from arthritis in my joints. I am learning to cope with the challenges of old age.
The therapists I have met have all been very helpful and can be contacted by telephone. I can testify that this therapy improves the quality of my life for which I am thankful.

Renee Aldcroft and Ralph Aldcroft – Clients and Friends of GBII Ltd

Provider: Jay Kelly

Initial Consultation €80.00
Follow Up Appointments €60.00