Bioresonance Detox


Recently overindulged? Feeling sluggish? Or just not looking your best? It could be that you are in need of detoxification.

We have put together a plan for those who want to lose weight, feel more energised, get rid of a yeast infection, improve health, improve complexion and boost your mood.With our detox program you will be given a booklet with nutritional information, recipes, and tips on how to get you feeling like you again. The detox combines dietary guidance with bioresonace homeopathic drops which cleanse and renew your system.

At no point in time has the human organism been confronted with such an abundance of substances on a daily basis as it is today. Also within our modern diet important trace elements, vitamins, and mineral substances are frequently in short supply.

The ingested substances are in part stored in the body as deposits. The preferred locations for storing such substances are fat storing cells like the subcutaneous fatty tissue as well as connective tissue structures like joint capsules, muscles and tendons, but also the supporting cells of the nervous system.

According to the theories of holistic medicine, this detoxification and purification therapy is a basic measure before initiating other holistic therapy processes. The objective is to prevent chronic processes and to achieve relief and to have a positive impact in the case of existing manifestations of toxic conditions.

Our bioresonance detox does just that.. and more.

Provider: Jay Kelly