Essential Marathon Supplements

There’s no substitution for a healthy balanced diet, but every runner needs a little boost now and again. The following are a couple of supplements to consider to help hydrate your body, reduce stress, protect your joints and boost your immune system.

Sports Electrolyte Fix is an electrolyte liquid containing sodium, magnesium, chloride and potassium as well as other trace and ultra-trace elements. Electrolytes are mineral salts that dissolve in the body’s blood and fluid. They carry an electric charge and therefore can affect the blood’s pH and muscle function.

Exercise increases fluid loss through sweat. If this fluid is not replaced then dehydration will occur. Dehydration impairs performance as blood volume decreases and body temperature increases; extra strain will be put on the heart and lungs. Supplementing water with electrolytes can help minimise carrying excessive weight and possibly reduce fatigue during extended exercise.

Ashwaganda has been used for years to rejuvenate and strengthen the mind and body.

It’s valued as a nerve tonic to help reduce stress and research also supports its adoptogenic properties allowing the body to perform better under both mental and physical stress. For this reason it has been of great interest for improving physical performance in athletes.

Experimental studies have identified a wide array of therapeutic properties including anti-arthritic, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, immune-regulatory, cardio-protective, anti-anxiety and neuro-protective effects.

MSM Glucosamine Complex is a supplement which contains a complementary blend of ingredients which offer support for the joints. MSM is important for maintaining joint health as it contains a large amount of sulphur, one of the most important elements in the connective tissues and joint cartilage. Sulphur holds the tissue and cartilage together, so a deficiency can lead to their weakened strength. Glucosamine offers similar benefits as it can reduce the rate of collagen degradation, increasing the life span of the joints. This is most relevant to athletes but can be beneficial to everyone regardless of exercise levels. Glucosamine can also offer some relief from the symptoms of osteoarthritis in some people.

Turmeric is a powerful supplement which can offer you many important health benefits.The leading use for turmeric is for joint care, as the active ingredient in it, curcumin, has a long history of use for joints.

Curcumin is both a natural anti-inflammatory and a natural antioxidant. The anti-inflammatory gets to work by targeting the triggers which have caused the inflammation, stopping it from occurring rather than just treating the pain. This is most useful in the joints, where mobility can suffer from inflammation. But curcumin can also help with digestive problems, improving digestion and reducing symptoms like bloating. The antioxidant effects of curcumin are also important for joint health, as it can protect them from free radical damage, one of the leading causes of premature aging.

Ester-C 950mg capsules are a powerful, high strength Vitamin C supplement.

Adequate intake of vitamin C can help to support optimum immune health, healthy skin and provide antioxidant protection. Ester-C is a highly effective, highly absorbable and non-acidic form of Vitamin C. The non-acidic properties of this form of vitamin C allows for better absorption, while also reducing the risk of stomach upset. It is buffered to make it gentler on the stomach, especially when large amounts are consumed. This vitamin may help to reduce the duration and severity of colds and flus. Vitamin C may also aid the production of collagen which is necessary for the formation of healthy skin, gums, bones and teeth.



14 Day Winter Detox

14 Day Winter Detox


Reduce your Toxic Load

A great place to begin on the road to wellness

Participants who’ve completed the 14 Day NutriClean Programme report a host of health improvements including weight loss, more energy & better sleep!

The average weight loss over 2 weeks was 6lbs.

Feel amazing and bursting with energy!

A 14 day plan to target the liver, including all supplements, instructions, recipes, menu planners and a workbook to fill in.

What is included in the NutriClean package?

  • 60 min one to one consultation
  • Recipes and meal plans
  • Day to-day programme guidelines
  • How do support digestive health plan & gain energy
  • Specific science based supplements to support the programme (worth €70)
  • Regular support via email plus explanatory webinar
  • 30 min follow-up at the end of the programme
  • Your individual programme for €240

Book an appointment today with our Nutritional Therapist 071 9153828 


Call Doris:  0851543354 email: [email protected]


Detox with using our Bio Resonance System

Detox with using our Bio Resonance System
Pekana drops

Are you feeling sluggish and over-tired? Always sniffling with a cold? Bio Resonance testing is a unique health scan which works with the bodies electromagnetic energy to give you a useful assessment of your current health status, and chemical toxicity. Bio resonance can check the vitality of your internal organs and find the causes of any problems that you may have. From this we can then set up a treatment plan in relation to your specific needs. Using our homeopathy detox remedies, and our practical advice with some dietary adjustments, it can make all the difference to your health.

To find our more contact us on 0719153828 or call in and chat to our therapist.

On behalf of Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), The Sligo Wellness Center would like to announce the following notice regarding Food Intolerance Testing.

Food Intolerance Testinghealth

HPRA Information Notice: IN2015 (2) Issue Date 24 March 2015.


The HPRA would like to highlight an increasing number of food Intolerance Tests and service being made available in Ireland. These include testing services offered through nutritional and Food Intolerance Centres, certain Pharmacies, tests of kits for people to use in their own home and postal based services, where people send blood specimens to a company’s laboratory and receive a result through the post or through an online service.

The diagnosis of any condition relating to ability to digest or “tolerate” foods and the clinical significance of this should be made in careful consultation with your doctor and should not be based on the use of self-testing along and/or use of testing services that have not been recommended by your doctor.

Relying on such tests could lead you to restrict important foods from your diet. This could lead to adverse health consequences and dietary deficiency, in particular in vulnerable groups such as children. In addition it could result in a delay or failure to detect other important causes of your symptoms and has the potential for misdiagnosis. For this reason if you have any concerns in relation to your reactions to particular foods, you should discuss your symptoms with your doctor who will be fully aware of your health history and can advise on appropriate next steps.

It is important to be aware that a food allergy is a distinctly different condition. Food allergies can cause serious allergic reactions such as swelling and difficulty breathing.

This information notice follows the publication in November 2014 of the HPRA’S consumer information leaflet which advises caution when using self-testing products. Our advice on using Food Intolerance should be used in conjunction with this.

For further information contact us @

The Sligo Wellness Open Day !


Join us on Saturday 28th of November at The Sligo Wellness Center.

We are celebrating your health!

There will be a Nutritional Therapist, Shiatsu Therapist Sligo, Biodynamic Therapist and an Acupuncturist on hand to share their treatments and knowledge.

Free mini consultations, health advice also available on the day. There will be a chance to win a huge healthy hamper. It is full of great food supplements, vitamins & wholefoods all worth €175.00!

PLUS all products are 10% off on the day !

So it is this Saturday, come along have a chat and a tea/coffee, enjoy some goodies, GF cake and sweets. It is time to  just sit down and exhale in a relaxed atmosphere before the Christmas rush starts, Looking forward to see you!

We are on 3 Quay St. Sligo, beside the taxi rank

Help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome!

IBS – Symptoms & SolutionsBio

IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome – is a condition that affects 10-25% of Ireland’s population. Common symptoms include

– abdominal pain or discomfort
– constipation or diarrhea or alternating
– sensations of bloating, urgency or incomplete evacuation
– mucus discharge

Food allergies and intolerance’s play a large contributory role to symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea and excess flatulence. Gluten and dairy are known to trigger symptoms in sensitive individuals. They are best avoided for a short period of time, especially at the beginning of an IBS management programme. In order to find out more about possible food sensitivities, an elimination diet or a Food Intolerance Test can reveal what is contributing to causing symptoms.

However, another common group of foods can also trigger IBS symptoms. Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols (FODMAPs) are a family of poorly absorbed short chain carbohydrates, which are highly fermentable in the presence of gut bacteria. In a healthy colon, fermentation of different types of soluble fibres, including from FODMAP sources, produce short chain fatty acids (SCFAs), as well as gases (methane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide). SCFAs are absorbed into the blood stream and used for energy, as well as nourishing the cells of the colon and acting as a prebiotic source promoting healthy gut bacteria growth and balance. As such, FODMAPs are important to bowel health.

However, in IBS where gut bacteria imbalances (dysbiosis) are prevalent throughout the small and large intestines, FODMAPs can lead to increased fermentation resulting in excessive flatulence and cramping.
A diet following a restricted intake of FODMAPs can provide initial symptomatic relief of overall gastrointestinal IBS symptoms, specifically bloating, excess flatulence, abdominal pain and altered bowel habits. However, it is best to consult an experienced Nutritional Therapist for individual advice, as it is not recommended to rely upon a FODMAP diet or any other restricted diet long term.

For more information on IBS dietary & lifestyle support and FODMAP foods contact us at The Wellness Center: 071 9153828 our Nutritional Therapist Doris Rabe Dip NT mNTOI : 085 1543354

Wonderful Winter Tonic Tea

Winter TeaSelect from our new range of Iona Herbal Teas. An ideal winter support for the immune system. A refreshing tonic for warding off colds and flu this winter.

Redox Signaling Molecules come to Sligo – tonight!

Very few in Europe know about redox signaling. But since making ASEA available through the centre, and given what clients are saying (and the new science is showing), redox signaling looks set to be even bigger – and far more important to our bodies! – than anti-oxidants, minerals, omegas etc.

At first I didn’t believe it. But then the stories started coming back from people I’d ask to test it.  Some were noticing positive changes in just days. Everything from skin conditions to nervous system difficulties. Because ASEA works to improve the function of ALL cells in the body.

US FDA approved, with no toxicity or doping issues, this supplement shows great promise. As usual, and only because they find it easier to measure changes in themselves, athletes seem to be the first group reporting measurable effects:

– increases in their VO2 max thresholds
– longer, deeper endurance during exercise
– faster recovery times
– quicker repair of muscles and injuries

Alan Noble, Founding Diamond ASEA Associate will explain in more detail

  • the product
  • the science behind it (quite amazing, probably the future of wellness right here)
  • the business (for therapists, fitness professionals/trainers, medics who may be interested)

> Tuesday 24th April
> 8pm Sligo Park Hotel

If you are interested, but can’t make the meeting you can learn more through:

Or I can send you on more info directly if you send me an email.

Yours in redox signaling,
Sean Callagy.