Open Day at St. Michael’s

Open Day-3On Saturday the 4th of February Sligo Wellness Centre will have a fundraising open day at St. Michael’s Family Life Centre. Come along to hear talks on health issues, nutritional demonstrations, and free mini treatments. This is a great opportunity to try out some of the treatments we offer at Sligo Wellness Centre.

Try out different kinds of massage including Tuina, Shiatsu, Biodynamic and Aromatherapy massage. You can also try Reiki, get a spinal check, watch a cookery demonstration and more. There will be talks throughout the day on nutritional health, lower back pain, and Biodynamic therapies. Hope to see you there!

Date: Saturday 4th February

Time: 10.30am to 4pm

Admission: €10 (all proceeds go to St. Michael’s)

Location: St. Michael’s Family Life Centre, Church Hill, Sligo



A review of Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a physical therapy that supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. It works on the whole person – not just with the physical body, but also with the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of being.


Shiatsu originated in Japan from traditional Chinese medicine, with influences from more recent Western therapies.

Although shiatsu means ‘finger pressure’ in Japanese, in practice a practitioner uses touch, comfortable pressure and manipulative techniques to adjust the body’s physical structure and balance its energy flow.

It is a deeply relaxing experience and regular treatments can alleviate stress and illness and maintain health and well-being.

Call 071 9153828 to make an appointment or drop in to see how a treatment of Shiatsu can really make a difference to your health.

Reflexology , much more than a Foot Massage!

Some of the benefits of reflexology include its ability to stimulate nerve function, increases energy, boosts circulation, induces a deep state of relaxation, eliminates toxins, stimulates the central nervous system, prevents migraines, cleans up urinary tract conditions, speeds recovery after injury or surgery, helps relieve sleep disorders, reduces depression, and relieves pain. Furthermore, it can help ease the treatment of various cancer and even helps to soothe the pains of pregnancy, even those occurring after the baby is born.

Many of us work on our feet all day. Whether you work in an office, a factory, a field, a hospital, or anything in between, there is a good chance that you put a lot of weight and stress on your feet every day. However that stress can also manifest itself in the other parts of our body.reflexologyinfo

It is a similar situation to back pain. People get massages for back pain, so it makes sense that there should also be foot massages, right? Reflexology is much more than a foot massage, but at its foundation, that’s the easiest way to describe the process.

It involves the reflexologist applying pressure to specific areas in the hands, feet, and ears that affect certain reflex areas of the body. Imagine that there is a connection between zones of your feet and hands that represent certain areas of your body that can be adjusted or managed through these zones.

A lot of the theory behind reflexology has to do with aligning your qi, but even for those who normally don’t invest much in this discipline of health, there are plenty of scientific studies that have supported the claims of reflexologists.

For more information on this call 071 9153828 or drop in to the Wellness Centre, 3 Quay St, Sligo.


14 Day Winter Detox

14 Day Winter Detox


Reduce your Toxic Load

A great place to begin on the road to wellness

Participants who’ve completed the 14 Day NutriClean Programme report a host of health improvements including weight loss, more energy & better sleep!

The average weight loss over 2 weeks was 6lbs.

Feel amazing and bursting with energy!

A 14 day plan to target the liver, including all supplements, instructions, recipes, menu planners and a workbook to fill in.

What is included in the NutriClean package?

  • 60 min one to one consultation
  • Recipes and meal plans
  • Day to-day programme guidelines
  • How do support digestive health plan & gain energy
  • Specific science based supplements to support the programme (worth €70)
  • Regular support via email plus explanatory webinar
  • 30 min follow-up at the end of the programme
  • Your individual programme for €240

Book an appointment today with our Nutritional Therapist 071 9153828 


Call Doris:  0851543354 email: [email protected]


TEST your Health in 2016!

Test yourself this January!

Some simple ways to keep your health in check.

Future Self
1) If you are prone to digestive issues, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Skin disease or even Infertility you should consider taking a Fitzwilliam Food Intolerance Test.

This is a blood test which measures anti body levels associated with specific foods. You may be intolerant to particular food which can results in a build-up of many poisonous intestinal toxins which can enter the blood stream. These toxins are carried through the body causing infection and inflammation in other organs.
The test identifies several foods and the results will give a detailed explanation on what foods you should avoid.
Our therapist will advise you on food alternatives and will support you on any other queries relating to your health and Wellness.

2) Alternatively you can take a Bio Resonance test, which tests the energy levels of your organs. Over time there is a build-up of toxins in our bodies by illness, unhealthy lifestyle and emotional issues such as stress. The scan will identify areas that need to be re-balanced. This will be done by taking remedies to restore and get you back to feeling stronger, fitter and healthier.

The Sligo Wellness offers both tests along with advice and a wide range of therapies including: Chiropractic treatments, Reflexology, Acupuncture, Facials, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Biodynamic Counselling and Massage.

Start 2016 as you mean to go on take a Health Test with us
Call into us on Quay St, or phone 071 9153828.

Other tests which our therapists recommend include:
3) Cholesterol especially if you are over 40. Plus make sure you know and understand the difference in Good and Bad Cholesterol not just the overall number. Your cholesterol level should be 5mmol/lit.

4) Women should have a regular cervical checks, similarly Men should have regular prostate checks.
Women can find out if they are on the National Cervical screening programme and when their next test is by visiting
For men ask your practitioner for advice on Prostate Specific Antigen (POS). Furthermore The Irish Cancer gives very useful information.

Can Chiropractic treatments help you become fit and healthy?

Trying everything to get fit and healthy in 20126 but have you thought of EVERYTHING????

When we think about good health, taking care of ourselves or overall wellness we often think about adjusting our diet, taking some exercise, losing weight and perhaps taking vitamins, all of which do offer a good way to health. However, there is more that we can do to really ensure that we look after our bodies and keep them in top form.

The McTimoney method is a uniquely gentle method of adjusting the bones of the body in order to relieve pain and restore movement.



The aim is to maintain the correct alignment of your spine, thus ensuring that your body’s nerve supply works efficiently.

Through stresses, strains and injuries that you may have shrugged off as nothing more than a bump, vertebrae and joints of the body may become misaligned impinging on nerves and causing restriction in movement. However, if the spine and joints of the body are maintained in good alignment, the body has a chance to function properly.

The McTimoney technique is suitable for just about everybody, including the very young and the elderly. We find that a wide range of conditions can benefit from treatment, including pain, discomfort and stiffness in the joints and bones, migraine and tension headaches, muscular aches and pains, sciatica, whiplash and sports injuries.

Come and speak to our therapist to see how you can boost your wellness!

The Sligo Wellness on Quay St, Sligo, 071 9153828


On behalf of Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA), The Sligo Wellness Center would like to announce the following notice regarding Food Intolerance Testing.

Food Intolerance Testinghealth

HPRA Information Notice: IN2015 (2) Issue Date 24 March 2015.


The HPRA would like to highlight an increasing number of food Intolerance Tests and service being made available in Ireland. These include testing services offered through nutritional and Food Intolerance Centres, certain Pharmacies, tests of kits for people to use in their own home and postal based services, where people send blood specimens to a company’s laboratory and receive a result through the post or through an online service.

The diagnosis of any condition relating to ability to digest or “tolerate” foods and the clinical significance of this should be made in careful consultation with your doctor and should not be based on the use of self-testing along and/or use of testing services that have not been recommended by your doctor.

Relying on such tests could lead you to restrict important foods from your diet. This could lead to adverse health consequences and dietary deficiency, in particular in vulnerable groups such as children. In addition it could result in a delay or failure to detect other important causes of your symptoms and has the potential for misdiagnosis. For this reason if you have any concerns in relation to your reactions to particular foods, you should discuss your symptoms with your doctor who will be fully aware of your health history and can advise on appropriate next steps.

It is important to be aware that a food allergy is a distinctly different condition. Food allergies can cause serious allergic reactions such as swelling and difficulty breathing.

This information notice follows the publication in November 2014 of the HPRA’S consumer information leaflet which advises caution when using self-testing products. Our advice on using Food Intolerance should be used in conjunction with this.

For further information contact us @

Why the Paleo Diet maybe so good for you?

The Health Benefits of a Paleo Diet.
What is a Paleo diet

The Paleo diet is based upon the idea of eating the foods our bodies were designed for through thousands of years of evolution. These foods were available to early people through hunting and gathering (meat and fish, nuts and seeds, fruits and vegetables). During modern times, advances in technology have made other forms of food available for consumption (grains, dairy, and processed foods), which are not as easy for our bodies to digest. The foods recommended in the Paleo diet generally provide our bodies with more efficient, long-lasting energy that also aid in burning fat.

The Paleo Diet is considered to be optimal for digestion, blood sugar regulation, metabolism, and sleep.
The benefits of the Paleo dietPaleo diet wk

  1. Clear skin and stronger teeth
  2. Balanced Energy
  3. Burn off stored fat
  4. Improve sleep patterns
  5. More efficient workouts
  6. Reduced allergies
  7. Stable Blood Sugar

How do I know is this for me?
To find out what food is best for your blood type is to test yourself. We offer the Fitzwilliam Food Intolerance test. With a simple pin prick of blood it can test several food intolerance’s such as: dairy, egg, grains, fish & seafood, meat, fruit, nuts & seeds.
Call us on 071 9153828 or call into us on 3 Quay St. Sligo Town.