Issues in the Tissues


If you suffer from anxiety, depression or any other mental health issue, being and feeling whole, means being connected to all of you .. body, mind and heart.

It is a scientific fact that our issues are stored in our tissues. All our emotions are in our body and we heal from within.

Biodynamic means that in a healthy body our energy is flowing naturally. This flow of energy can be interrupted by what has happened to us in our lives, and also in our present day lives. The more this flow is disturbed the unhealthier we may feel.

Many of us will have had traumatic or shocking experiences in our lives. These emotions can become encapsulated in our muscles. The muscles can become contracted and rigid which in turn can cause a build-up of tension and prevent emotions from being released.

This can happen as a result of our inability to express and it can build up over many years. Our instinct is to express feelings and it can be physical as well as psychological. If expression is stopped, tension builds up in the muscles. This physical and emotional tension affects our system, long after the original urge has been forgotten.

This tension in the body is known as armouring.

Your body is an important part of you

In a biodynamic treatment the therapist works with all of the body, muscles, tissues, joints, and the breath.

Using our unique method of placing a stetescope on the abdomen and listening to the sounds of the gut (psycho-peristalsis) this powerful massage can encourage the body to digest emotional stress.

The armouring I spoke about earlier is like an onion with many layers and can be dissolved over a series of regular treatments.

Biodynamic Psychotherapy