Pain Free Pregnancy With Chiropractic Care

Fifty per cent of all women suffer from moderate to severe, back and pelvic pain during pregnancy.  Of these women only thirty two percent seek help for their pain.  The remainder of these women reach for pain medication to manage their pain or are advised to take medication to manage their pain. As a chiropractor I am in a privileged position to have the skills and knowledge to offer support to this group of patients.  Chiropractic treatment is proven to be safe and effective way of alleviating pain during pregnancy.

In a recent study by Dr Heid Haavik, treating pregnant women through chiropractic increased the levator hiatal area at rest and therefore appeared to relax the pelvic floor.  Other retrospective studies have shown that women who have chiropractic care during their pregnancy have a shorter labour, need fewer analgesics and are less likely to need medical intervention.  Although more research is needed to help better support the work of chiropractors with pregnancy, the results of the above studies are overwhelmingly positive towards both chiropractic and manipulative therapies during pregnancy.

Pregnancy chiropractic treatment is all about creating balance and maintaining mobility. Most pregnant women suffer from poor posture, muscle inhibition, hormonal fluctuations and hypermobility.

In treating these patients we are supporting an active pregnancy and creating space for a baby to grow, move around and adopt to the perfect position for birth.

During pregnancy, relaxin, a polypeptide hormone is produced, which is thought to activate the collagenolytic system, which regulates collagen formation and alters the ground substance by decreasing the water content.  The action of this is responsible for softening of the ligaments supporting the sacroiliac joints, pubic symphyses and abdomen, changing the support and protection provided by these structures which predisposes pregnant women to strains in supporting structures. Consequently, the joints become more mobile and less stable and the likelihood of injury  to these joints is increased.  The combination of loosened posterior ligaments and an anterior weight shift caused by a heavy uterus may allow excessive movement of the ilia on the sacrum and result in stretching of the sacroiliac joint capsules.


Eat a good varied diet, with plenty of whole gains vegetables and lean red meat, chicken of fish at least twice a week. Protein requirements increase during pregnancy for optimal growth and energy. .  Eating a high-fibre diet with lots of fresh fruits and leafy salads will help avoid common problems with constipation and hemorrhoids.

Folic acid is recommended during the first trimester while, Iron, Essential Fatty Acids and vitamin C supplements are recommended in the second and third trimesters  Frequent small meal and snacks aid digestion and help blood sugar balance  throughout pregnancy.  This also prevents the feeling of being overfilled.  Lots of water and fresh juices keeps the system clean and nourished and you its and easy way to gain lots of vitamins and minerals .  Avoid processed, refined, reserved and artificially coloured foods.


Do not start any new, aggressive exercise program during pregnancy .  Yoga for pregnancy is highly recommended. Walking, swimming, and stationary bike riding offers body movement and toning with low impact.


It has been noted by midwives and other birth attendants that the emotional attitude of the pregnant mother has more to do with a healthy pregnancy and successful birth than any other single contributing factor.  It is important that the expectant mother learns how to both trust and relax her body.  Pregnancy and birth are natural phenomena and they require change and adaption.  Use relaxation techniques to deal with stress.  Pamper yourself with daily activites that are enjoyable.  Share concerns with relatives and friends in frequent intimate conversations.  Attend a Yoga class and a prenatal group for support as well as for information. Relaxation helps to reduce fear and anxiety decrease, it helps blood flow to the baby and the uterus. The babies oxygen and nutrient are maximised as a result of increased blood flow.  The mother and baby will be less affected by stress hormones.

Remember, pregnancy isn’t an illness, it’s a time to bond with your growing baby and ENJOY.





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