NHP Hair, Skin and Nail Support

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NHP Hair, Skin and Nail Support

A unique combination of Vitamin C, Biotin and Zinc helping you to maintain beautiful hair, skin and nails from the inside out.

Healthy, Radiant and Beautiful


NHP Hair, Skin and Nail Support is a fantastic formulation by celebrated UK women’s nutritionist Dr. Marilyn Glenville. The formula combines Vitamin C, Biotin and Zinc which are known to support the formation of healthy skin, nails and hair. Vitamin C and Zinc can help to slow down the ageing process as they provide antioxidant action. Biotin is a require nutrient for healthy hair and skin. The formula also includes horsetail extract which acts as a natural source of silicia and aids the strengthening of hair and nails. Inositol features in the formula as it promotes hair growth while Vitamin B2 is added as it aids cell growth. The aim of this supplement is to promote healthy skin, nails and hair from the inside out.

Directions: Take 1-2 capsules daily with food.

Ingredients: per 2 capsule serving: MSM 200mg. L-Lysine 150mg. Vitamin E 138mg. Vitamin C 100mg, Horsetail Herb 100mg, Inositol 80mg, Choline Bitartrate 80mg , Grapeseed extract 70mg, Rutin 60mg, Zinc 20mg, Biotin 400ug, Selenium 50ug, Vitamin B12 40ug