Crystal Healing


Crystals have been recognised for a long time for their unique healing properties. Crystal healing works by using crystals to interact with the energy points known as chackras and the energy that surrounds each individual.

Different crystal energies can be used to heal, unblock and revitalise the body, mind and soul.

The treatment is totally individual and unique to each personDuring a session, the client will lie on a treatment bed fully dressed while crystals are laid on and around the body in different combinations depending on the individual needs. Universal energy is channelled through the healer and this energy is then magnified by the crystals.

The crystals work with the client’s energy system, strengthening and balancing both subtle and physical energies. It is a very pleasant, painless and relaxing therapy. Clients may experience sensations varying from heat, cold, tingling etc as energy blockages are removed.

Crystal Therapy is great for anyone who would like to feel more energetic and vital. Crystals are very helpful in easing a wide range of physical conditions and reducing the symptoms of stress. Please call us at Sligo Wellness Centre on 071 9153828 for more information or to book an appointment.

Crystal healing can be incorporated into any of Coeurine’s treatments. Please ask on booking.

Provider: Coeurine Murray